…So Good I Can’t Take It – Premiere with director and live music

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Rare interviews, photos, and video propel a wild journey across Montana’s punk, post-punk, and new wave bands of the late ’70s through the early ’90s. Includes footage of 1981 gig inside the Ellen Theatre! Direct Kirk LeClaire will attend.

Director Kirk LeClaire (Billings), an Artist and Art Instructor at Cal State University East Bay, will attend the screening. The film is followed by a live music set from The Love Darts with special guests. This special presentation is sponsored by KGLT, Music Villa, and Cactus Records. Wine/beer and concessions available.

Film and live music Event with The Love Darts and Special Guests!

Get ready for a rowdy, jubilant tour of the new-wave, punk and post-punk music scene of Montana from the late 1970s into the early 1990s. Rare film footage – including a 1982 gig in the Ellen Theatre – plus photos and interviews with many of the underground scenes participants capture Montana’s forgotten musical frontier.

Inspired by and working with David Marten’s Lost Sounds Montana music archive project, director Kirk LeClaire stitches together a fascinating story of musical rebels and energetic youth playing “weird” music that wasn’t always appreciated by listeners, but that allowed many to hone their craft. Early Bozeman bands were also fortunate to have supportive adults like High School teacher Lynne Merrick, who spent time mentoring youth and documenting performances. Musicians and artists that had their roots in this early Montana music scene are plentiful, including musician Jeff Ament (Big Sandy) of Pearl Jam, Steve Albini (Missoula)- Recording Engineer of Nirvana, The Pixies, and more; filmmaker John Dahl (member of early Bozeman band – The Pugs) who went on to direct “Rounders” and numerous TV shows; Composer Mike Morasky (Bozeman) of Steel Pole Bathtub; Keyboard/Singer Reggie Watts (Great Falls) now music director on The Late Late Show with James Corden; and the late Joe Skyward, who played and promoted underground rock in Bozeman, and was a member Posies and Sunny Day Real Estate after moving from Bozeman. Director Kirk LeClaire will attend the screening. Wine/beer and concessions available. Not rated, the film runs 78 minutes.

Director Kirk LeClaire teaches art at California State University, East Bay, southeast of Oakland. He graduated high school in Billings and attended the University of Montana for about two years before he transferred to the San Francisco Art Institute, where he got a master’s in painting.