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Screening Sunday, March 11th @ 6:30 PM

Rialto Bozeman

The Room director, producer and leading man is the mysterious Tommy Wiseau. In the film, Tommy portrays “Johnny”, a man who becomes involved in a love triangle when Lisa, the woman he loves,  begins sleeping with another man. Johnny is also a sports fan, a dog aficionado and possesses an alarmingly unnerving giggle. You’ll never look at a football the same way again.

Special double-feature pricing for “The Disaster Artist” & “The Room”

Join us for the 15 year anniversary of the best worst film ever made. Kept as an L.A. secret for half of a decade, The Room has now found its way around the world and BFS is thrilled to christen the Rialto Bozeman screen with the best worst film ever made .Whether you’re a first-time viewer or a die-hard Roomie, you can naaht miss this!

The Room (2003) follows the story of Johnny (Wiseau), a bank employee who, seemingly, lives happily in a San Francisco townhouse with Lisa, his fiancée. One day she gets bored with Tommy and seduces his best friend, Mark – played by Wiseau’s best friend, Greg Sestero. This, as one of the many famous quotes from the movie confirms, tears him apart. Sestero went on to write the 2013 memoir, The Disaster Artist, made into an award-winning film by James Franco. See both films for just $15.75.